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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Challenge Entry: Monster, Thug and Ice Toads

The last monster for the Monster Hunt game I'm not sure what this guy is supposed to be it some sort of dragon kin. It vaguely reminds me Draconians form the Dragonlance Chronicles but if so its too big I didn't see the nose ring until I took the picture I will have to touch it up
The sword is a backup to the mace head and chain making me think he wants prisoners... perhaps to eat?
I put him next to this figure a kit bashed thug frostgrave a 28mm minatures for scale purposes
He has a body and head form Wargames Factory and hands from the Frosgrave cultist kit, as is his axe
The Bag on the belt is also form the frostgrave set.
He's intended as Thug the most basic type of Melee soldier in Frosgrave a hand weapon but no shield or other armor.
Finally two Ice Toads form Reaper... OK technically they look more like frogs but the will work for Ice Toads and OK technically Ice Toads aren't intelligent and these guys, clearly, are but that just makes them cooler and more dangerous
I based these on the look of tropical poison arrow frogs since I thought it would look cool.