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Friday, February 19, 2016

Saga Game (1) at Hobby Bunker

Thursday I got together with John for the first time in several weeks and we got in two games of Saga.  John Played the Anglo-Danes and I Played Vikings. Our first game was the first scenario from the book called something like "Clash of Warlords" (or something like that).
 John's force in the field...
 Cuthwulf rides again this time as a Viking.
 this impassible mountian is a problem... I probably shouldn't have placed those Bondi on the far side.
 A great spot to defend from but with only 6 turns to win it I will have to move.
 John hits my Isolated bondi with both his own warriors and his warlord... they hit me hard but I also hit them hard.
 Still I got more damage and will have to fall back.
 Heathguard units face off  at a distance
 My other unit Hearthguards and my warlord take on John's warriors we win the first battle helped by Ullr form the battle board then I use Thor to force the battle to continues.
 I destroyed John's warriors... but lost two men in the process.
 The other unites of Hearthguard clash I has good luck and John had bad luck leading to the destruction of another one of John's units.
 John hits my other Hearthguard and this time...
 John used on of this battle board abilities to hit me with extra exhaustion...
 This created an interesting situation John charged my War Lord he but we couldn't find a rule for what the other unit do.. they could absorb hits but not take part.. (anyone have any info on how this works.)
 My Warlord falls back but.. what of the other units? My remaining troops make short work of the few soldiers who still stand.
 John attackes my other Hearthguard unit
 and I kill off his warriors
 Leaving the war lord alone...
John made one final charge and actually killed all the soldiers in that unit and his war lord alone escapes to fight another day.