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Monday, February 22, 2016

And the Winners Are...

I'm a day late but here are the winners of my 1000 post give away.

30 Arquebusiers from Warmonger Miniatures 10mm scale

Jonathan Reinhart has won these by default as he was the only person to put his name in.

A unit of British Legion troops from Orinnoco Miniatures perfect for a Napoleonic Imagination or for the Wars of Liberation (South America)

Ray is the winner here I lookforward to seeing what he does with these.

A meso-American "elf" from Menhir Games.

JP Price has won this fellow hope he will enjoy painting this interesting piece.

Finally a partial spruce of Wargames Factory Viking Bondi. There is a enough here for 3 soldiers all with shields and hand weapons.

This has been won by Joakim (you can never have enough Vikings) Strom.

Thanks to all who entered get in touch with me so we can make arangments for you to get your stuff.