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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Challenge Entry 11 Frosgrave Figures

So there are bunch of eclectic pieces that will all find themselves on the Frosgrave table at some point
So My oriental wizard is Chinese but some his mussel can be Japaneses these two Samurai are old Reaper pieces
I'll probably use the Templar's stats for both of them as they are armoured and have a two handed weapon
Armoured skeleton or possibly a wrath knight figure I added the shield form a Fire Forge Kit as the Reaper shield was in the shape of a skull and looked very tacky
I might need a little more armor wash for contrast.

These two are called Cultists by Reaper but I am planning to use them as a wizard and Apprentice leading a war band of Cultists
They will probably be Necromancers or maybe Summoners.
Vampires are common in Frostgrave, they just froze with the city and thawed out when it did... and they thawed out hungry. Another Reaper pieces I like the idea of an armoured warrior vampire, seems closer to the Vlad who at least partly inspired the legends.
The cloak suggest wings, and maybe turns into them? in a magic world anything is possible.
The Core of another war band for a Frostgrave band for a game I am running at Huzzah.
A man at arms, an Artisan figure with an axe from the Frostgrave soldiers kit.
I hand painted the shield with two colours and runes to keep it simple but I think it looks good.
I used blue cloaks to tie these together.
This fellow will be the Captain of the Wizards war band a new class from the sell sword expansion.
the Captain takes care of running the troops, his skills can be customised and he has "tricks of the trade" that can boost him or his comrades.
The Horn winding soldier will act as a Bard for the war band I figure a herald and a bard are similar enough that this will work as a substitution.
Finally we have the wizard
He looks a lot like a certain literary wizard who liked to hang around with hobbits (at least how he looked before Ian Mckellen forever put his stamp on him). This is a Dark Tree figure I got myself as an Xmas gift.
This is the first of their figures I have done and I really liked painting it, they have lots of detail and character.
I like the sprouting leaves on the staff I decided to make them green, they might be green because of paint or Magic.
Finally we have the Shadow Demon from Reaper, its a translucent purple material.
I did a black wash and then some light purple dry brushing I wanted to give the impression that the demon had just been summoned and was materialising before us.
You can still see light through the figure in places especially the wings.