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Friday, February 12, 2016

Dragon Rampant King of the Hill (1)

We basically ran an encounter battle with each of us starting an opposite corner there was a hill near the center that became the objective of the battle. 
Mike fielded a mixed army of knights, Battle nuns(heavy foot) and strange cultists(bellicose foot), he also had unit of light foot and a light missiles.
My army of dark age warriors, Two units of light riders, two units of skirmishers, one unit of Bellicose foot and two units of Heavy foot (offensive) and a unit of Elite foot with a spell caster (I used wizardling, Befuddle Thee, Heal thee, and Banish fear).
Mike won most of the initiative rolls as seem usual, his knights and Archers refused to move but his cultists moved up the center near the hill
and the light infantry move forward on the left were Dave is running my Heavy foot and one unit of Skirmishers.
Dave and I move forward in a body.
The Light Cavalry is already moving up n the flank of the Cultists...
Mike has his men moving now the woods slow him down some.
The Knights are a distant but intimidating threat at this point
My cavalry and my skirmishers start picking off the cultists....
Dave has taken the hill, his skirmishers cover his flank
The land hits on the light infantry.
The cultists break under fire from scouts and cavalry.. Mike rolled badly on his courage test.
The Nuns make it through the woods and the archers start taking aim at Dave's men on the hill.
My cavalry is broken by Mikes Elite cavalry.
The bellicose foot hit them and kill two of them but are driven back...
Scouts hit and kill another as does the second unit of light cavalry.
My wizard befuddles the cavalry...
Dave strikes and destroys the battle nuns due to another terrible courage roll by Mike.  We call the game at this point as even if his men passed their courage tests Mike wouldn't have enough men to make a real push at the hill.