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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chellenge Entry: Green and White Knights

These are Mounted Sergeants from Fireforge Games. A friend of mine and I split them as part of a trade. He only need three so I got nine or them. 
I gave each of these guys a different cloak. They could make one large unit or three units of three figures each. I have them based with six on two horse bases and three on single bases for easy of marking casualties
I did the shields in green and white with gold to tie them together as a unit and with the rest of the army that I am building for Dragon Rampant.
I made most of the horses dapple gray to indicate the guys in charge of this unit tried for uniformity.. but we have a few alternative colouring horses to simulate remounts
This group of three has all hand weapons, you can see the flail and Sword you get lots of weapon option for your sergeants and to restock your bits box with this set. Looks like I need to touch up that bridal. (opus)
The third fellow has a mace. 
The command group lances including one with the unit banner a gold St. Andrews cross with white "stars" in the quarters and white lace on the edges
Our commander with his Mace held high to encourage the troops or to bring it down on a foe.
The figures have great facial details my limited skill doesn't show what you could to with them. There was a circlet around his head that I made into a bit of crown, the sort a prince of the blood might wear to highlight his importance.