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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Saga game 2 at Hobby Bunker sorry for the delay.

This game is form two thursday ago its just taken me a while to get it posted.  It was the challenge of honor so both our warlords face off with are troops far to the right and left sides of the board.
Warlords pride means we have to go at eachother or await the others on set we can't run.
I did well in the first exchange but...
John realy hammered me in the second especialy with that Anglo Dane battle board ability that added to my exhaustion.
I was having a little more luck getting my troops in range... but found it harder to manage the battle board with out the free move "We Obay" gives you.  John hitting my guys with exhaoustion didn't help eithe.
Still I got soem men in range...
And I mvoe in agains John and is much helthier warlord wth some help.
John Devistates my band of warriors, only one survices but his warlord is hurtbady and falls next turn.