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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Challenge Entry: Pirates for Huzzah!con

Here is the rest of pirate crew I got from the Maine Wargamers Club who run the Huzzah Con. In exchange for painting them and and lending them to the club for the weekend I get them to keep and they are an interesting bunch.
First up is the Master Gunner or so I am thinking of him. I don't know that I would put a black powder grenade launcher in the hands of a one legged man. You have to admit it looks cool we'll probably call it a blunder buss in the game.
I kept his clothing in the nice but simple fashion doing his buttons as pain cloth covered
One of my favourite figures from the set. He's clearly an escaped slave who for some reason keeps his leg iron on his coat was a nice one but has been cut down and is looking a little threadbare.
I imagine him as an old survivor and I can't help but think that the leg iron is a reminder, someone he had to leave behind but will go back for one day?
The first of the pistol and hand weapon crowded I think this guy's a bit of a dandy, with is fine jacket that he wears. I did his sash, head and neck scarves in bright colors.
He sure has enough weapons, with knife, pistol and axe.
Common Seaman who has discarded his jacket in the tropical heat.
He's a bit of a dirty fellow compared to some of the others.
This guy with his musket would make a great militia man as well as a pirate.
I can only assume he's carrying cartridges in his pockets as he has not box, powder horn or other means of carrying ammo.
Another musket armed pirate who might make a good militiaman too
Again no way to carry ammo, hope that one shot counts but at least he has a small axe to defend himself with. He might not be to stable with only one leg on the base.
And this is what happens when you don't carry any extra shot with you, you end up using a musket as a club.
Still its a very dynamic figure I like pose a lot
Sword and Dagger a great weapon set for a swashbuckling pirate
He' ready to throw his dagger a risky proposition another great pose
A young and dramatic fighting pirate, he looks like he's leading troops but he also looks really young but he might be the pirate equivalent of a Midshipman
I went with darker colors but then gave him bright cuffs and scarf.
If this crew has a pure enforcers this is the guy all muscle and he favours knives over larger weapons so he is sure to not just see the man he kills but feel it too.
His pose is just full of menace you can imagine him stalking forward to face his next target
Group shot of all pirates including my Captain (Nautical theme entry) and the Pirate ladies