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Friday, March 4, 2016

Saga: Sacred Ground Anglo Danes vs. Norse-Gaels

John and I tried another game of Saga, I took the Nores-Gaels this time with two units of warriors armed with Javelins, and one armed with Dane Axes. 
 I also had two Heathguard as well including my unit of raven shield men.  
John got to one of the terrain/point generators first... His intimidate skill from John's battle board really slowed me down. 
Two turn latter I have men in generating points as well my Javelins hit Johns warriors. 
John comes in at my men but I roll well (and John missed his fatigue marker) 
I get my second unit of Heathguard into the terrain... a challenge happens which I win, 
and then a combat... that john wins... my men are driven off. 
My warlord takes on John's Heathguards, Using my battle board I get 5 extra dice and send his men fleeing. 
I try to kill John's one remaining Heathguard in the terrain but John saves.. 
John's men hit my troops and the Javelin armed warriors are killed or run. 
The final turn I use Like Stones to counter fatigue and kill John's last Heathguard and get 4 warriors on the terrain.  That ends turn 8 and we count up points John has 74 and I have 79 I just barely win a very interesting scenario.