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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Challenge Bonus entry 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'

This piece is also my Curtgeld (The figure gifted to the event organizers). This is a Warlord figure that I picked up specifically to be my Curtgeld when I learned the subject. There are lots of great entries in this bonus round so please check them out 
As the last man to make an actual invasion of England the Bonnie Prince was a risk taker (not to mention a romantic figure in the history of the UK). The truth is his venture had not real chance of success but for more than a year he managed to make the King of England sweat.
I'm also taking a risk doing tartan in 28mm I kept in simple and it came out fairly well. Its not my best tartan but it didn't com out badly.
I couldn't find any official uniform for the Young Pretender so I went with a modified version the Royal Ecossais. Any way I hope Curt like him and I hope all of you like him too.  Please Cast your vote here