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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Challenge is Over

Here you can see a group shot of most of my painting from the challenge. The Frozen girls and the PSC Half tracks aren't here but every thin else is.
The massive addition to the Frosgrave army I built over the course of the challenge 697 points worth winning the Frosgrave side challenge by just over 100 points. 
10mm Renaissance soldiers and my Dragon Rampant army.  I also painted many soldiers for my friend Chirs Rett's monster hunt game at Huzzah!con. 
French troops for En Guarde! Pirates and modern Peruvian troops along with the Drunken Master. My final total of points 1703 Points bringing me in at 6th place out of a field of 75 (We had 88 entrants but 13 of them did not submit anything).  The challenge was great fun and I hope you enjoyed following along.