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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Challenge Entry: 5 Musketeers for En Guarde!

My second challenge entry for Monday some 17th Century French Musketeers with matchlock muskets. I once again used the Regiment Saintonge as my model. The troops are in various stages of loading and firing the musket this seemed right for a skirmish type game like En Guarde!
This fellow who is blowing on his match as he readies the musket to fire.
Priming with his powder flask as the 12 apostles (as the cartridges were called ) carry only the charge not the priming powder.
Firing, show from the back so you can get a look at the fine detail of buttons on the tails of the coat.
Ramming, this face came out really well in the picture, all of these faces came out really well but this one shows best on film.
Last of all we have at the ready... waiting for orders or a target. In addition to his musket each man also has a plug bayonet that doubles as a dagger and the "epee soldate" a sword that with minor changes would be carried by French line troops through the Seven Years War.  need some officers but I want them to by in dynamic fencing or shooting pistol type poses not just pointing or exhorting the troops so if you have some suggestion I would love to hear them.