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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Challenge Entry: Two Frostgrave Soldiers

I'm Planning to use this fellow as a Frostgrave "knight" (Soldier with mail, shield and hand weapon) and I think he'll also find himself in games of Saga as a warlord. He's a Dark Sword figure from the George RR Martin range called Alfyn Crowkiller one of the wildlings form beyond the wall. I'm not a fan of the series (or I was but lost interest) but the figures are great and I have many of them.
He' has great detail on his face and I did the shield in colors that would match my Necromancer, I think he'll make a good leader for a unit of humans defending him either in Frostgrave or as part of a Dragon Rampant army.
The cloak looks like it will keep him very warm in Frostgrave and its environs. He's a very good 28mm figure (actually he might be a 30 or 32mm scale figure but they call him 28mm so I will take Dark Sword at its word)
This is another figure form the same line a character called Yegrit (?) also a wilding. I'm planning to use her as part of a all female war band for the game I am running at Huzzah!Con.
The figure has a great in action pose I feel like she just fire on the run and is skidding to a halt or maybe scrambling backward to stay out of hand weapon range
These are two nice additions to the Warband from a great line of minatures.