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Friday, March 11, 2016

Dragon Rampant Defending the Fields.

 Its a quiet day and the local infantry have gathered for a Parade and Review.
 But wait the sinister undead forces of the vamperic Necromancer Von Manstien are on their way to burn the fields.  I came with this scenario on my lunch break.  Each house or field is worth a victory point if burned.  The defender starts with half there forces in the castle to the rear while the enemy has all forces on the table from the start. The attacker had a 45 point army while the defender had two 50 point armies. Dave and I had the Men of the North and the Men of the west while Mike and Frank took the count von Manstien's forces
 Dragons breath conceal vamieric heavy infantry.
 The Knights ride from the castle! (this was the only time I got all three to move at a time.
 Bats Charge infantry but are seen off by the wall of spears.
 But his flank is not looking too secure!
 The nobles ride to the rescue...
 the Zombies march forward...
 Northmen and skeletons clash!  
 The skeletons loose more men but the Northmen are foced to fall back... as the first cavalry unit arrive...
 The northmen are batter but "kill" the last of the skeletons.
 Manstines Heart an elite unit of vampires strikes the heavy spear men...
 and they break in terror.
 The Northmen face zombies and see them off.
 Knight charge bats the only time the knights saw action... several bats are kill and the rest fall back.. one knight is killed.
 The javelins bite into Manstiens heart killing two vampires.
 Zombies finally see off Dave's Northmen unit.
 but the cavalry fail to launch an attack.
 Dave's other light horse unit takes down the vampires.
 The Men of the White Willow strike the zombies...
 and down they go in droves but the unit is not routed.
Manstien blasts the Willowmen with this dark magics killing two and at this point with the knight coming up and the undead rapidly losing numbers we call it.   The scenario was fun but needed some work. The Defending infantry should have started further back and no one considered the idea of using magic to burn the fields.  We are working on some rules for that.  I also think we should have had a delay of a a few turns before the men in the castle could sally out.