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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Challenge entry Last Post Frostgrave soldiers, Treasure token and old school Ogre

This will be my last post of this challenge its been great fun again this year and I would like to thank Curt for running the event and thank Peter and the other "Minions" for their hard work
We have 4 more Frostgrave soldiers all made with Wargames factory and Frostgrave parts. On the left we have an archer and a ranger (the one holding the sword) two of my favorite soldier types because of their ability to shoot an move in the same turn. To the Right we have tow men-at-arms with hand weapons and shields.
I did two of the soldiers in paid just because it seemed the thing to do, I don't have any scots in Frostgtrave yes so why not. Green is a natural color for a ranger and I liked giving the swordsman a length of rope a very handy thing to have in a crumbling ruin.
Then we have the hobbit from the Fog on the Barrow downs set. With his crown and belt he makes a somewhat macabre treasure token for the game.
This last is an old Ral Partha Ogre my friend Mike gave me he'll do as a troll alongside his more modern Reaper compatriot.
I added the axe from my bits box I twas a pain drilling out the hand, I lost two bits doing it... but I think its worth the effort he look far better with a weapon.

That's the last post of new miniatures I have painted for the challenge but there will be one or two more related posts as we have some prizes up for voting and I can use your support.