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Monday, January 26, 2015

US 1st Division can't break the FJs

Ben and I met again with Midwar armies as he prepares for the tournament at Temple con. We got the surround mission and you can see his position here.  His Falschrmjagers are well dug in and he used his Engineer truck to place barbwire to mess me up. I placed one of my two infantry Companies on one side of the field with my artillery(one battery of 4 105s and one battery of 2 155s, armor and a mortar platoon) the other side of the field I placed my I&R platoon and my other infantry platoon.
Using cover my boys Truscot Trott up to the edge of the woods.
My armor opens up on the entrenched Germans but gets no hits... ranging in fails.  My sniper takes out a German Artillery piece ( my sniper was the one guy who constantly did is job right this game)
Ben bombards with no results...
But his StuGs got 5 MG hits on my far side infantry platoon pining it (and it would not unpin for the duration)
My I and R platoon dig in in the woods just to the rear of the Germans and begin taking MG shots at opportune moments and annoying Ben by lifting gone to ground
One tank bailed by German StuGs, my return fire bails two StuGs and destroys the third Ben passes his motivation at the end of shooting.
Artillery does better no kills but two units pinned down...
With infantry pinned and tanks bailed this is my best chance I charge in kill two stands but Ben counter attacks and bails on tank and destroys another!
The infantry follow up is pinned down... for several more turns I try to kill a few FJs any way I can but only my sniper has any success... the far side platoon doesn't unpin and some how Ben kills two of my I&R men (despite being dug in!) my dice are cold... Ben on the other hand has good dice always rolling exactly what he needs...
My final charge Ben with only 7 dice and needing 4 gets exactly the 5 hits he needs... at this stage the game would have timed out in a tournament. if I had infinite time I might have managed get Ben now that both Artillery batteries were ranged in on the target but Ben wouldn't have sat still that long... and with my far Side platoon still pinned and at lest 2 moves from any thing important he had them men to take on my one platoon of infantry (which was down by about a third of its rifle men).  Ben didn't make any mistakes and made all the important rolls were as my dice didn't make any important rolls and even failed on quite a few unimportant ones. It was a frustrating game for but sometimes that is what happens.