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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Challenge Week 7

It was a very productive week for me.  I submitted 188 points worth of painting and move up for a brief time to 9th place in the points standing (I have since fallen back to 11) with a total of 800 points.

This weeks projects included some rides for my recon troops.
and not quite the the last drop of 28mm Napoleonic troops who have been cluttering my dead Lead box for far too long.
At some point this week the points for the Fighting Irish from the Bonus Theme Victorian should be added to my total.
There are 36 total 15mm figures that should net me 72 points plus the additional 50 points for participating in the bonus round(122 points if your keeping score).  Means I should have 900 + points going into Monday(Curt can give higher or lower numbers at his discretion so I don't want to assume) meaning I am very close to reaching my initial target of 1000 points.  There are 57 days to go in the challenge (as of this post) so I need to up my point total but we will wait to officially announce the new target after the old one has actually fallen.