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Friday, January 9, 2015

Challenge Submission: 15mm WWII Canadian Shermans

These are 3 more vehicles I got from Battlefront as part of Ranger program that never got off the ground (locally at least).   I had heard some horror stories about the Open Fire Sherman tanks but all and all these went together well (very small issues).  I now have British tanks to support my airborne troops if I when them.  Instead of making them British I decided I would rather they were Canadian.

One reason is I did this is I feel Canada is underrepresented in World War II gaming. Anther reason is my Nephew William who is named for his great-grandfather a decorated veteran of the North Shore Regiment who made it ashore on Juno beach on D-Day and fought through to VE day.   Someday I hope William will be interested in war gaming and I hope to gift him a company of his namesakes regiment with appropriate support troops(this is step number one, I have time he's only two-and-a-half so meantime I get to use them).

To this end I painted and decaled these guys as the 3rd troop of the 1st Hussar Regiment part of the Canadian 4th independent tank Brigade who supported the 3rd Canadian infantry division on June 6th and in the battles that followed.  (the Maple Leaf flag may actually be the wrong color for the divisional badge but we use what we have).

I love bags slung on the side of the turret since it means you don;t have to put a decal on the turret. Actually the stowage provided with these was very good all around.

You know like this circle, actually this decals were pretty cooperative for members of their species.

The only images I could find images of the troop indicator or the left hand side of the turret any one know if should be on one this side as well.

I tried getting a close up of the platoon leader and his wonderfully mustachioed face. Gingers seem to be popping up all over the challenge and I unconsciously followed this trend. So I think that should net me another point; 18 for three vehicles and 1 point for the tank commander.