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Monday, January 5, 2015

Glider assault on French Recon (Pincer Mission)

 It was another busy day at the Whiz on Sunday.  We had six active players for Flames of War, another table top war game, two painters and bunch of Magic players.  I faced off with Ben (my opponent from last week's son).  He is trying to master early war Fallschirmjagers for a tournament. I faced off against him with my French Recon you can see the both objective on the board above.
 A look down the street that was may main line of resistance.
 Hum...  not to many of Fritz's boys over there... I wonder were the rest are...
 Gliders swoop in on the attack!  on crashes and neither team escapes.  German troops are unable to launch an assault being just too far away from my men (I suggested after the game the wheat field in the center of town might have been a better landing zone).
 My Mortars range in fast on the Germans across the river through Ben is equally sharp with his mortars as well killing one of my forward men in the church.
 My H-35 tanks charge the troops in gliders literally running them over.  I kill two stands and Ben rolls a 1 his men break off... then he rolls another 1 for the platoon and the daring flank attack has been neutralized. (had he gotten better place meant he would have done much better).
 Fire come in form the mortars and again Ben gets one of my infantry.
 Pioneers attempt to bridge the river!... Mortar and Machine-gun fire meet them.
 Several Germans stain the river red with their blood...
 But the rest cross and assault my position throwing me out of my forward outposts
 My Tanks charge in and drive the Germans back on the left...
 Only for them to return and then fail their tank terror (so much for fearless).
 More Mortar fire on the Pioneers.
 Hand to hand combat between Fallschirmjagers and French armor... My command tank is bailled out..
 and despite the casualties inflicted the Germans are still a force to be reckoned with an my tanks cannot move off when my platoon leader fails to remount.
 Two forces of infantry face off acorss the street mortars fire on both sides but the effect is minimal. Tank guns are also inefective against the stout stone walls of the old church.
 Ben charges in on my H-35 tanks but draws in my Souma tanks as well.  The battle rages and all the H-35s are bailed out...
 Then one of the S-35 falls as well!... we kill all the remaining troops and force the 2iC to break off!
 The after math of a nasty fight!
 I get most of my tanks remounted and I have the church surrounded by 9 tanks, 10 armored cars not mention my infantry and mortars. (Ben's Mortars had been over run by my Panhard Armored cars off-camera). At this point the German commander surrenders to overwhelming odds.   This was a fun game. Ben has picked tough force to play Fallschirmjagers are tough troops but in my own experience they just can't bring enough support.  Ben had no way to kill my tanks other than by assault with his pioneers and I was able to avoid giving him the opportunity.