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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Challenge week 6

This was a pretty quiet week for me just two projects finished.  Weather was again a culprit though wanting to watch the Patriots on Saturday night and wanting to get in some war-gaming on Sunday cut into my painting time as well.  I do have new stuff ready to paint now and hope to be back no track for Monday.

Truth be told I am in good shape with 612 points and after points are awarded to Victorian Bonus round I should have over 700 point out of the 1000 I set as a goal.  
This week I painted the Fighting Irish for my Bonus Theme entry. These will be a great addition to my Union Army for Longstreet.
I also did some painting for my Flames of War armies.  These two tank Destroyers will be a nice addition to any force I field in mind or late war.

I will have fuller posting for both of these soon.

I have 200+ points in the pipe line ready to go a mix of 28mm French (I have lost my mind!) more Dark Age Warriors, my Myth Bonus Theme entry and more Flames of war.  Plus I picked up a pair of Long Toms I am assembling as I wait for paint to dry. I was in 12th place on Monday and have only fallen to 13th so far this week.