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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

15mm WWII US Recon Vehicles

 You saw my I&R platoon earlier in the challenge well I got them some rides.

This fellow was a mistake I thought I had picked up an M20(which I need to work with my Tank Destroyers) not an M8 but making the best of the situation I painted it up.

 Now with this model I can run a cavalry Recon unit (one M8 and two jeeps) in addition or instead of the infantry recon.

The Jeep it just says "America in World War II" these little guys are every where in the US order of battle.

So you can never have too many.  Its one of the few model Battlefront builds with a lot of stowage on the model.

I added the German helmet hood ornament.  The man at the machine gun is actually from Forged in Battle and came out of my dead lead box but he fits nicely.