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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mount and Rider bonus Theme entry

Voting closes today for this bonus round so please go here:http://analogue-hobbies-theme-rounds.blogspot.ca/ And put in a vote for your favorites. 

These are 4 highland horse men from Old Glory's Jacobite line. I decided to do up two Wolf Hounds from Xyston Miniatures. I base them individually so they can be used in skirmish games as well as larger battles.

Most likely these will appear as part of my Imagi-nation The Grand Duchy of D'Argent contingent of Jacobite exiles. They might also be used as part of a force in '45 rebellion scenarios.

I did the dogs with them so they could be used in skirmish scenarios where they are hunting cattle thieves or other disreputable sorts.

I am naming this Imagi-nation unit Campbell's Troop of Horse after an old reenactor friend (not in an effort to curry favor with the judge of the Challenge).