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Friday, January 30, 2015

Cuthwulf is driven from the field of Bowes

 So this was me early in the week and I feared digging out from the Blizzard of 2015 might interfere with the game planed for Thursday.  As it was a parking ban was still technically in effect when John and I arrived at the Hobby Bunker but was being ignored (it would officially lift in a couple of hours). It should also be noted that during the snow storm the Blog passed 100,000 visitors.
 This was our first battle with the full pre-battle process I opted give a speak and between my Glynn' musical accompaniment and Cuthwulf's Royal blood we go a six giving me an extra level of status an extra fate card for the game.
 John Chose to challenge my champion and so Uthred and Wulfric met to do battle before both armies.  It was a savage fight that Wulfric (my champion lost)  lost. Had Mead and Ale passed around my troops but with no determinable effect and then John with his moral at maximum (10, while mine was 7) started the battle.
 Once again I entered at the top right corner of the board... the hedge slowed my maneuvering some
 John started int he bottom center and advanced forward.
 His Elites formed at the edge of the woods.
 Cuthwulf with his elite troops (my own troops) and a band of warriors move to form up behind the cover of the hill.
 Seeing John's Elites isolated I try to attack them but the dice are not kind I lose two men and inflict almost no damage... after a few turns of combat I withdraw happy to get these men out. As would happen several times in this battle I got a decent number of hits but my rolls for inflicting shock and kills came up short.

 John had formed shield wall but with his elites engaged I though I might still have an opportunity but with the stand forth card John brought up support to counter the troops I had over lapping the left of the shield wall.
 I did very poorly in the exchange my poor rolls for kills and shock made word by the effects the shield wall.
 Two of my units lost their amphora and despite the fighting prowess of Cuthwulf and Wulfric together the third soon broke as well.
John was able attack and brake this unit (and my army) as I attempted to withdraw.  I did get one unit off the filed before this happened but two more of my warriors were killed by peasants on their way home, all and all I suffered 25 Casualties while inflicting only 7.  John won a 7 point victory and technically won the campaign as I would not recover my casualties until after the campaign season was over and my purse is empty.

Truly a victory the bards will sing of through the ages.

To keep the campaign going John is letting me ransoming back Cadfael so that I can pay taxes to my king and continue into the next season. John picked up a unit of Skirmishers and will have an extra Noble. Campaign update will be available on John's blog soon.