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Monday, January 12, 2015

2nd Panzer Grenadiers Vs. 504th Paras

Chris is a new Player who has made it to the Whiz a few times. He used to play Flames of War back in 2nd ed and is now looking to make a come back you might say. He was running 504th US airborne so I did up a Panzergrenadier list form Panzers to the Muse  to face him.  I set up the battle field I went with something that might look a bit like one of the battered industrial villages on the French/Benlux/German boarder (I thought he was running a Nuts list but it was actually from turning tide) we played at 1900 point my fist game at this level... man can you bring a lot!  Above is my initial position.
Here you can see Chris has deployed well back an interesting strategy it limited my artillery as I had to get observers into position.  Chris made one big mistake in his deployment... the second objective (to the left of this picture) was uncovered...
This sniper got an early kill getting one of my 3 8cm mortars. It also took two turn sot unpin that weapon platoon.
The Panzer IVs rush forward and seize the objective...
and Chris springs his ambush a huge platoon of LMGs!   No danger to my tanks but advancing into that wood could be tricky... (I should have been doubling my infantry on the side as Chris had to spring the ambush here!)
The Shermans are in range and Chris starts a sting of excellent rolls Killing two (my saves rolls where both 2s not good!)
Artilery pins the LMGs
My Panzer grenadiers assault and win the first round kiling two but Chis breaks off.
I consolidate as best I can as I cannot continue the assault..
which is too bad... becasue nest turn the fearless paratrooper unpin and let loose a torrent of fire...
I fail 4 of 6 infantry save (yeah its that kind of day) and another Panzer IV bites the dust. I am crawling forward on the right held up by a lucky sniper.  though succesful assult drive him off only for him to show up again.  I do kill 3 Para stands on the right with an assault in the built up area but the unit barely feels it... and my men are pinned again by the sniper.
I also managed to get on Sherman but I lose my last tank while Chris still has 3
Then the artillery arrives and as my pinned down grenadiers rolled a 2 on their dig in check I  get hit by a nasty double wide template of 10 men hit.. and I lose half the platoon!
In desperation I launch an assault to drive the LMGs off the objective..
Even though the LMGs are pinned Chris will have 11 shots... he needs a 5+ to hit... I should be able to do this, its not good odds but 3-4 hits should be survivable... Chris gets 8! (several on lookers hoot or groan some of them do both)...  at this point I am down 3 platoons (Panzer 4s 1 platoon of Grenadiers and 1 Moble Wagons) so I call it a game as I see little chance of winning and the hour is getting late.   I wold lose this on 1-6 (or 7 in some scoring systems).  Good dice rolling and careful positioning of his ambush platoon saved the game for Chris.