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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Challenge Week 5

I managed to post 3 submissions on Monday netting me 202 points  shooting me up to 524 points and 11th place though position is always in motion I have been bouncing between position 11 and position 19 most of the contest so far.  Given I am a rookie this is nothing to be ashamed of in truth I am very pleased with where I stand.

This weeks submissions included
 The Guard D'Argent Napoleonic Style
 More dark age raiders!
 And something for my Panzergrenadiers to ride in
Bad weather has struck again (extreme cold and some snow) so my ability to prime fresh miniatures has been limited. I have one entry for sure next week. US Tanks Destroyers and I hope to have my Victorian entry ready for the bonus round do this weekend. I have not placed in either of the bonus theme rounds so far but the extra 100 points the projects have netted me are welcome.  Once I get the points from the current bonus round added in I should have around 590 points.   Oh you wanted to know what this weeks bonus round entry is? Well I can't show you them now but here is a clue.
Be sure to check out all the wonderful painting (and seriously mine is no where near the top of the quality chart) Here:http://thepaintingchallenge.blogspot.ca/