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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Dark Age Warriors for the Analog Hobby Painting Challenge

 Now we have 6 more 28mm Dark Age raiders that should be good for another 30 points (actually Curt was so impressed he gave me 6 extra points for the hand painted shields)

Not much to say about these that hasn't been said in other posts I did this group as all spear-men so I could theoretically use them as skirmishers.

The most ambitious of my hand painted shields in this batch a bird of pray or maybe a raven as was popular among the Vikings

 For the rest I went with much simpler designs

 Runes always make good shield decorations

 More geometric lines and shapes

 Runes again this time without any pater behind them

Finally the spiral lines this ones a favorite approach for me as it looks cool but its fairly easy to do.