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Friday, January 9, 2015

Challenge Submission: 15mm German Half-tracks & Crew

 The Opal Maltier (meaning Mule) is one of my favorite non-combat vehicles of World War II.

 There is no real reason other than it just looks all business nothing too fancy just a good old work horse.

 Some times these will sub in for trucks as my group refers to all FOW transport as TLOs (Truck like objects) meaning anything that looks like a truck can function as one on the table.  I try not to neglect the logistics and support troops so critical in real warfare.

 Earlier you saw some PanzerGrenadiers form me and they need rides!  So here they are 4 Sd.Kfz.251 half-tracks.

 They each have one passenger he's full body so I am counting them as 15mm "foot" for 2 points each.(Correct me if necessary Curt)

 Our platoon leader with the vehicle that has been upgraded to a 37mm Cannon great for digging out troops in fox holes and shooting up the occasional armored car or Allied half-track.

 This fellow is casually catching some breezes but still has his Sub-Machine-gun ready for action.

 The last two have a slightly different base color because I got them from a friend in trade and he had primed them in this color I thought was a march for Vallejo Milledstone but it doesn't quite match.

I did the camouflage by hand and I am reasonably please with the result.  German camouflage is very variable and was often done in the field in by the troops them selves so I don't necessarily try to match official patterns. I would like to know what people think.