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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Challenge Entry Tank Destroyers

I'm an avid player of friendly (ie non-tournament) games of Flames of War.  When the new tank destroyer rules came out with version 3 many felt that these lightly armored but heavily gunned armored vehicles were "Broken."  I was never as convinced of this as others, but I did have the feeling that many people didn't find them fun to face so as a friendly gamer I avoided them.
Battle Front has changed the rules to address these issues and you don't see nearly so many complaints these days.  Since they are cool looking vehicles and quite handy when facing the super heavy German armor has been featured in several of recent books I decided it was time to get some.
I really like the detains on the turrets and the fact that you can see the crew and the ammunition.
I added several pieces of stowage from my dead lead box.  My one complaint with these models is they did not include any stowage to make the vehicles unique.
There are two 15mm vehicles with three crew each which should give me a total of 18 points.