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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rocky Ground for Longstreet

An important form of terrain in Longstreet is rocky ground.  I've been using pieces available at the Hobby bunker pieces like this one.
 The problem is this piece looks like it should block line of sight but the terrain type does not block line of sight in Longstreet.  So I set out to make my own.
 I picked up some simple wooden bases at a craft store I would have preferred something a bit more irregular but these will do.
 I used a mix of static grass regular old pebbles form the back yard and some aquarium gravel (that I painted gray).
 This one is simply aquarium gravel with gale force 9 gravel coverage and some tufts of grass. The advantage of this piece is that figures can rest on top of it with out any issues.
 another variant of the first this time the aquarium gravel was not painted this time
 This time its all large pebbles.
 These table level shots who have these are an improvement over the game store's option as so far as Longstreet is concerned this doesn't block line of sight though you can easily imagine a skirmish line using them for coverage.
 You can see some more pictures in on face book.