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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flames of War '39 Tourney (3) at the Whiz

My final game pitted me against my friend Mark with his Indian Company. The mission was Hasty attack so again I had only half my troops and again I put the Artillery and Panzer IVs on the table. I did get one of my Lietch Panzer platoons as reserves on the first turn.
I managed to get Mark's Matildas (hate those!) out of position by removing that objective. To win by taking the objective I had to move fast...
Moving up fast I got lucky hitting Mark's 40mm AA guns hard, he bailed on of my tanks but I remounted and managed to wipe out that platoon on turn two. 
My Lietch Panzers charg down the road and drove back Marks infantry from the objective.
Mark Counter attacked with out much success in fact his sticky bombs did more damage to him than me including blowing up his Company Commander twice (he made a warrior save to jump).
Mark had his 2 pounder Portees on the board and together with a new infantry company contest the objective. 
I didn't realy want too but I felt I had to charge into the new infantry platoon in order take the objective.  I lost a lot of tanks and now the Matilda tanks were in range of the objective.
The shoot out during the next turn killed Mark's Portees but I lost my Panzer IVs.  I also finished off Mark's infantry braking his company and giving me a hard fought and bloody win 4 to 3.  The game was exciting and dramatic or as Mark likes to say "EPIC."