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Friday, March 7, 2014

Hobby Bunker Longstree Campaign (2) Attack on Stone's Farm

 John and I met for the second game of our campaign last night I had rolled walled farm, John with his broken codes won the scouting roll and elected to defend. His approach was novel guns more or less in the center alone infantry on the wings he kept his small cavalry (3 stands) and an infantry regiment (5 stands) in reserve. My plan was to strike the right hand side of the wall sending my cavalry swinging wide to draw some of his men (or get a run at the back field). I hoped to bring his infantry out on that side were I could use my short ranged battery (2 howitzers and 1 six-pounder) to chew them up.  I started the battle in fine form destroying one of his heavy rifles. The 3rd Arkansas my one Veteran unit was to hold the left against the regiment John had there to cause mischief.
 With the deployment restrictions I had to expose one unit and in this case it was the 5th Texas I should probably have obliqued them right a bit to get out of the field of fire but I figure the straight line might get them there first (and John rolled realy well)
 4 or 5 turns in the 5th Texas has been knocked around losing 6 stands (miraculously they would not loos any more). The First Texas is well poised to take the gap and my cavalry has draw the 39th New York (in the back ground to the right) well away from the guns and objective. 
 The 3rd Arkansas is holding back the 6ths Pennsylvania.  The boys from the Keystone state actually made a successful charge and drove me back a bit but they didn't seriously impact the battle
 My artillery opens up on the Garibaldi Guards using "shoot the whiskers off a cat" resulting in 5 hits that lead to 3 lost stands.  John used old rivals to keep my Cavalry under the guns.
 More firing on both sides.  Its the mark of an exciting game that you forget to take photos.  The first Texas Swept in on the 3 gun Yankee battery in the center and destroyed it but the 4th Texas was unable to drive back the 1st Massachusetts (above).  John on his turn launched an attack with the 1st Mass and Garibaldi Guard driving the 4th Texas Back and savaging the Texas Lancers (cavalry).  This put me at 15 stands lost (I should have used that Pinkerton Intelligence card but threw Like a Stonewall instead) and John threw a six resulting in a Yankee victory as he exceeded my shatter point.

I'll post the post battle details latter(lets just say I have lost more Texans to the Richmond brothels and camp fever than to Yankee bullets. . All in all not a bad day for the Texas Brigade we captured the Yankee guns even if we couldn't hold the position. Currently epic point for the campaign are 10 for the CSA and 7 for the USA.  Congratulation to John for his first Longstreet win.