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Sunday, March 23, 2014

DGS Freeblades figure

While Attending Total Con I got a chance to take a look at a new game called Freeblades published DGS Games.  Free Blades is a skirmish level war game set in a high fantasy world called Faelon.  I was impressed with what I saw.  The game had a mechanic that was vaguely similar to Hordes and Warmachine (though I don't believe it has the lose your leader lose the game mechanic) a very successful model and a fun one to play unlike those games I immediately fell in love with the figures so much so that I bought one to paint up even though I had not Idea what I would do with him (and I was tempted to buy more the figures are that good)!  I snapped these pictures at Total Con they were painted by the folks at DGS.
The Barbarian Urdaggar some of whom can change into animal shape.
 I believe these are the Grular who have steps horsemen flavor to them for the Mongol fans.
These are the Trilian which I believe are this game worlds elves or possibly the Faeries.
This one is borrowed (with out permission, but I hope they won't mind) from the game designers own gallery to highlight one of the things I really like about this line of miniatures, the female characters. This Enchantress isn't dressed in some long slit skirt and cleavage showing bodice but in a practical out fit a real adventure, traveler or warrior of either sex might wear and this is typical of all the the female character miniatures I got a look at.   OK at last here is my own work
The scale is 32mm and was purchased from Greenfield Games at Total Con. This is one of the Bandit factions.  I imagine this guy as a tough woodsman who has just put some fellow on the ground and has now drawn his knife for his "intimidation check."
I love the patched long coat, its practical not flashy it might look a bit more "old west" than "Medieval" but in fantasy world who cares.  Actually I picked this fellow because he reminded me of the Iroquois character from the movie "the Brother Hood of the Wolf".
I hope to see this game at the Hobby Bunker, Three Trolls, The Whiz and/or Game Castle in the future.