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Monday, March 31, 2014

Evolution of a Longstreet army

So I am gearing up for my game with John this Thursday, our first game of 1863,  I took a look at my "Army" and notice something interesting. 

I started the War as the senior Colonel of a Brigade of 4 regiments, three infantry and one Cavalry supported by a battery of light guns. They were in truth the Texas Brigade the 1st Texas, 4th Texas and 5th Texas made the infantry.  The Texas Lancers provided the cavalry and the (fictional) 1st Texas Light Artillery rounded out the force.  That force had a total of 41 bases.  

Moving forward to 1863 my commanders rank is Major General (3 Eagles in game terms).  In the Confederate army that usually means command of a Division.  Take a look at the current force roster.

My current "army" is only 7 bases lager than my original force (48 bases vs. 41 bases) but the make up and character are quite different.

This force now represents a division quite well as three Brigades of infantry make up a typical Confederate infantry division.

We have 3 brigades of infantry (all under strength but functional).

 First we have the Texas Brigade the 1st Texas, 5th Texas and the 3rd Arkansas (12 bases).

Second we have the "Deep South Brigade" the 17th Alabama and the 18th Georgia (12 Bases). 

Finally we have the the Louisiana Brigade made up of the Tigers (8 Bases). 

 Now my army also has artillery that while a little weak for a full division makes sense its even an almost 50/50 mix of rifles and smooth-bores. 

The Cavalry naturally would not belong to the  division it self but we can assume they are Corps assets that have been working with our division for some time you could even call them a Cavalry brigade (10 bases).  

Sam Mustafa has worked out quite an elegant campaign supplying me with a force that evolves in character as the campaign progresses but stays manageable for the player.