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Monday, March 10, 2014

Post Battle Process (1) trying to find that Elephant

After our game at Hobby Bunker John and I both did our post battle process.  I had some bad luck in the reduction phase.
I lost 11 stands to camp fever and the brothels of Richmond.  I have yet to draw a see the Elephant card so I suspect these losses will continue. 
Fortunately the Veteran 3rd Arkansas got through this phase with no losses so they are still powerful unit with 5 bases and made more so by the addition of the sharpshooter card.

I use the Promotion and Hero cards I got to bring my battered regiments especially the 5th Texas back up to combat strength.  I also received the Sabotage Card which will put a little crimp in Johns style next game.

I lost the Richmond Rifles and their one heavy rifle battery but I got new artillery card giving me a light rifle and a napoleon.  It was tempting to replace my six pounder but I opted to use the card for a new two gun battery that I am calling the Palmetto Battery the mix of Lt. Rifle and Napoleon is a good mix as one is good a long range bombardment and the other excels at firing canister.

So post Battle the Texas Brigade stood as follows

Infantry: 1st Texas Eager Recruits 6 stands; 4th Texas Eager Recruits 5 Stands, 5th Texas Seasoned Recruits 5 stands; 3rd Arkansas Seasoned Veterans 5 Stands (sharpshooters)
 Cavalry: Texas Lancers 3 stands. 
Artillery: Texas Light Artillery 2 Howitzers and 1 six-pounder; Palmetto Battery 1 Lt Rifle and 1 Napoleon.

That leaves me 11 below my minimum force level which is 40 (36 for Confederacy in 1862 with +4 for my friend in the state house).

Joining the Texas Brigade is the 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Infantry (better know as the Louisiana Tigers).  Apparently the war office in Richmond thinks the Irish wharf rats from New Orleans will mix well with my Texans.  They come in as Eager Recruits with a strength of 10 stands.  (they are currently on my painting table)

Also Joining the brigade is the Hampton Legion Cavalry Eager Recruits with a strength of 6 stands. This gives me full strength of 45 stands.

You can take a look at Johns force here: http://fuentesdeonoro.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-longstreet-campaign-game-2.html