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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Longstreet Battle 3 Post battle (What Elephant?)

Well the post battle process was unkind to my battered Texans again.
The 4th Texas was wiped out by Typhoid fever and the 5th Texas and 3rd Arkansas lost two stands each, the 1st Texas, Texas Lancers and Hampton Legion all lost one stand each. Sadly I have not been able to draw a single "see the Elephant card" so even when I win I will keep bleeding stands after each battle.

One the Bright side I got another transfer card so I can add another 6 stand unit of Seasoned Veterans.  I also got "a valuable experience card" I drew Political Savvy a nice card but not my preference.  I used my Bounty card to build the Texas Lancers up to 5 stands and one of my artillery cards to bring the 3rd Arkansas back up to 5 stands.   I also got a new Light Rifle and a Heavy Rifle so I have been able to bring my guns up to strength.

The 17th Alabama joins my army as Seasoned Veterans via the "Transfer Card"  with 6 stands and the 18th Georgia joins as Eager Recruits also with 6 stands.

1st Texas has been reduced to 4 stands and is now Seasoned Recruits; 5th Texas has been ground down to 3 stands and is also Seasoned Recruits; The 3rd Arkansas is standing at 5 stands and still Seasoned Vets with Sharpshooters attached.  The Louisiana Tigers are a powerful Eager Recruits with 8 stands far and away my largest force. Cavalry has two units each with 5 stands of Eager Recruits for both the Hampton Legion and Texas Lancers. The First Texas Light Artillery has two Howitzers; while the Palmetto Artillery now has two Light Rifles and one Heavy Rifle. Finally the Bath Artillery has one Napoleon.

All and all its a fairly strong force though my Texans are now more of a weak spot than the strength they have been.  Not getting to promote any troops to Veteran has been an issue one I really hope will fix it self next game.