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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Genealogy (1)

I've been using Ancestry.com to do genealogy research and have been greatly helped by the work my cousin Cynthia  had done our maternal grandmother's family. It turns out we have an ancestor Samuel Tuck who was an Ensign in a New Hampshire regiment. He died November 12th 1777 one source seems to indicate he was mortally wounded at Bemis Heights if this was the case he lingered a long time as that was October the 7th, more than a month at the mercy of 18th century Medicine. Its also possible his mortal injury occurred between October 7th and 17th when the surrender happened there was a good bit of maneuvering and probably at least the clashing of picket lines the sort of military action that is only important to and noted by those directly involved. I wonder if he had time to compose some last letter or message to comfort his wife and children or if he died much quicker than it seems but his death only became a matter of record when he reached home and was entered into documentation. This sort of find realy makes one think about what our founding generation (and their English and German counter parts) endured.

The picture below is form the Website of the First Foot Guards 
This image is form the 225 anniversary reenactment in which I took part .