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Friday, March 21, 2014

Hobby Bunker Longstree Campaign (3)

John and I met for the 3rd game in our campaign the second game of 1862. This time we rolled the Outflanking scenario.  John won the scouting roll and elected to attack. We both agreed that this was the most interesting scenario we have played so far.
Terrain placement created a screening woods in the center as well as some rocky ground.  Above my troops are ready to advance on the open objective on my left flank.
The 3rd Arkansas and its sharpshooters hold the wood line covering the objective with in my set up backed up by the 5th Texas, two guns and the three remaining stands of the Texas Lancers.
John marches on with most of his force focused on my left while...
leaving a few small units on the right to keep me honest.
Both of us advance on the left racing (in a slow stately fashion) for the objective.
The confederate General(one of my objectives) watches the Yankees approach.
Ranging shots on the right (hey lost stands are lost stands) but no damage is done.
John strikes me with the "couldn't hit an elephant" card and I roll a 5... I lost two Rebel yell cards and a retrograde card I was planning to use to get the Louisiana Tigers (above) into position.
Johns cavalry sweeps around and drives back my guns, I lost the not to be mourned six pounder.
My own cavalry has worked its way around on the flank... John used poor survey but he placed it near the objective... it caused me a lot of headaches latter but he could have used it to protect the guns.
The Hampton Legion strikes John's batter of three Heavy Rifles taking one gun and sending the rest packing for the rear.
You can see the rocky ground John placed my boys are still trying to get were they are going and the large size of the Tiger battalion is causing me difficulties negotiating the ground.
On the right the Texas lancers have sent John's little cavalry unit running giving me cavalry in the back field on both flanks. I send the 5th Texas marching or the other flank (though its too far to go)
John earns his Epic point taking the objective.  I'm trying to get in position to retake it.
The Arkansan boys advance as the Texas Lancer maneuver behind the 6th PA (right) and 12th NY (left) the 2nd Cavalry with one stand is running for its life.
The 4th Texas has also emerged from the woods so John has infantry and a limbered artillery unit between the Hampton Legion and 4th Texas (and looks properly concerned)
the 3rd Arkansas eliminates the 12th NY by fire.
John Freezes the Hampton legion with old rivals buying him self some time 
On his turn John launches a massive charge (25 stands) he drives back the boys from Arkansas on the right...
and the 1st Texas Boys on the left.  It earns him two Epic points my casualties thanks to good cards are low only 3 stands and I am now ready to launch my own attack (1 epic point), using the Rebel Yell!
The Arkansas boys and the men of the Texas Lancers catch the 6th PA in a vice breaking that unit.
The Louisiana Tigers charge furiously over the rocky ground and strike the Garibaldi Guards on the flank.
I get six kills breaking the unit, John sacrifices the unit because he is short on cards and could only save one stand any way.  John has lost 18 stands (the shatter point is 21) I roll a 5 on the victory check and his army breaks.  John gets a total of 5 Epic points (2 for his charge, 2 for the game and 1 for taking his objective).  I earned 4 epic points (1 for a charge, 2 for the game and 1 for victory).  This put me at 14 points for the campaign and John at 12.  In the post battle process John drew the "name in the papers card" and since he is apparently on the cover of Harper's Weekly gets 3 additional Epic points putting him one point a head of me for the campaign. (and things just get worse from here for the CSA) I will post the rest of the post battle stuff latter. This was a very enjoyable game and could have gone either way John as in a pretty good place to make my forces pay if he had gotten one more turn but he didn't get that chance.