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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Commando Play Test with Boston Trained band.

Bill a member of Boston trained band had a game he wanted to try out for a couple of up coming conventions (HAVOC and Huzzah).  The goal was for the Commandos to blow up as many oil tanks as possible (and hit other targets as they could).
Initially we played an adversarial with three German and three allied players but this didn't work so well as the Axis players had very little to do. They had three snipers that we could shoot at the attackers with but the obvious question was...
Why don't they should the alarm instead of shooting?
After some discussion Mike came up with the Idea of running the Axis as "AI" and dividing the map into a grid each with its own threat level and an over all threat level for the camp.  We experimented with this and it was much more satisfying.  
The rules(which are home brew) are getting a rewrite and I hope to get a chance to try it again. Keep your eye out for this on at Huzzah and Havoc.  The Oil tanks are Tomato cans for those who war wondering.