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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fencing Frog goes into the Realestate market.

I'm putting these two buildings up for sale on eBay.  Both are JR Miniature and are 15mm scale.  They are a little small (especially the Stucco Villa) for 15mm but are still a functional size for the scale.
The first building is from their North Africa range, its a great piece.
 The sand texture is a future of the building and one of my favorite details.

 This is the Stucco Villa its on the small size but its a handsome building I think it will work better with 10mm or 6mm that 15mm.
 even at 15mm scale it works well as part of a village.
 I like the brick showing through he stucco even if the exposed pieces are a bit too "regular."
You can bid on these an the Fencing Frog eBay site.