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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flames of War '39 Tourney at the Whiz (1)

After a long Flames of War hiatus (due mostly to scheduling) I returned to the game at a local tournament at The Whiz. My first battle "encounter" with Nick and his Polish Lancers and Armored train.  I was playing my Mittler Panzer company from Hellfire and back its a fun list but it has two flaws (especially at the 1550 point level in this tourney)
Flaw number one is its two small especially in missions where I have to keep half my men off the table. With only five platoons I only get to have two on the table this list just doesn't have the manpower to do to things at once. Too win I had to attack Nicks objective while making sure my own didn't fall. 
Nick had plenty of men with two cavalry(one mounted) platoons and a platoon of AT Guns to hold his objecitves and launch a spooling attack on one of mine
Naturally  it was the mounted troops who where the spoilers. Nick started coming across on the side of the table were all I had to stop them was an observer.  He called in some successful strikes but nick kept unpinning keeping me form hitting Nick with my Panzers IVs.
Turn 4 I got two platoons one on the flank of Nick's cavalry and....
one in the center...
They where more than sufficient to wipe out the Cavalry platoon and...
Kill Nick's Company commander.
Then Nick's train arrived with two small Tank platoons and an infantry assault platoon on board.
I still made a drive on Nick's defenses but with the train I had no chance of winning without some serious luck.
Preparing for a close range shoot out with an armored train.
The end result was two train cars blown up and a number of small German tanks destroyed.
With unlimited time I could probably have picked Nick apart eventually (or he might have done the same to me).
As it is we end the game with a "tied" score or 2 to 1 in my favor.