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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Polish Farm (2)

I had already posted photos when painted this building from By Fire and Sword that I won last year at Huzzah but I have it fully based and decked out now so I want to show it off again.
 I built a stone wall to border the base I don't know how common such walls are in Poland but regardless the effect works.
 I have to say the wood grain you can see in the model is simply awsome I realy like the work this company does regarding buildings. 
 The wood pile along the building wall is part of the model I added the second wood pile and the tree stump with the ax from a Musket Miniatures pack of odds and ends (shovels, tree stumps even a potbellied stove) 
 I built a small enclosure for a flower/herb garden as most homes have one of these until the 20th century, these days we just have the medicine cabinet.
The tool shed or maybe chicken coop on the side of the building is a really nice touch.  The roof can be removed to fit figures inside. This is a great piece its supposed to be 16th or 17th century Polish farm but I don't think it will be far our of place any were in Europe and might even work as a cabin on the American frontier.