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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Run up the guns.

So I have been using my Friend Cortland's Artillery because I was waiting and waiting for some Artillery men to show up at the local game store.  Well after a wait of several months my order came in but guess what didn't show up.  So I got some through Jack's Last Cracker a great ebay seller.  I had also gotten the guns from him.  The guns are Stone mountain the men are Bluemoon they are actually Union Artillery but one of the advantages is many Civil war figures will work for either side.
 Part of my artillery park some pieces are still on the work bench.
 A pair of 12 pound Mountain howitzers and yes these are to scale (take a look http://www.andrewsbattery.org/howitzer.html)
 I plan to use these as my howitzers for Longstreet they were a popular gun with the horse artillery and units that had to fight in rough ground since you could mount the entire gun on to a a pair of pack mules for transport.  They were most out of service by 1863-64 but got new life out on the prairie in the Indian Wars.  
 3 in Rifles to act as my light rifles for Longstreet I have two more that need crews.  These are the long range punch of my artillery arm.  I also need some guns to be my heavy rifles.
 12 Pound Napoleons the most common artillery piece of the civil war.  These are great at close defense in support of the infantry.  They also are better at firing from or at targets on hills then the Rifles are.
I kept a mix of uniforms to enhance the look, but I may have over done it.
 Limbers Artillery needs limbers in Longstreet to move around and while they are not something I would normally paint I do think they add to the battle field.
 These guys are a little more uniform than the men at the guns.
 Piping of this sort vanished form Confederate uniforms after a few years but it does look good. 
 I tried to create the impression of a dirt or clay road as is common in Virginia(and elsewhere) in the 1860s. I think it came out all right.
 Well we are ready to rush to where the fighting is thickest and give the Yankees double canister!