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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sails of Glory (1)

I met up with Ted and Rob at The Game Castle last night they had the new Sails of Glory game and we gave it a try.
 Rob took the French ships while Ted took the English ship of the line and I took the English frigate HMS Terpsichore a ship of 32 guns.
 The wind was blowing from left to right across the table... initially I did well
Crossing the T of the English Frigate once and then after a lucky turn where Rob turned away then back..
 I crossed his T again landing several good hits had we been alone and had the table not had and edge I think I would have been in good shape.
 The ships of the line exchanged broad sides then circles away from each other..... I was running out of see room after passing with in musket shot of the French Frigate
 My maneuvers got me trapped in irons, (sailing into the wind)
 Ted has to fight against both ships the two Ships of the line are battering each-other and the French frigate is hurting as well
 Still in irons I am raked by the French
 I take some damage but Ted Finishes off the smaller French ship....
 I take more damage
 and so does Ted... and the English Ship of the line losses her crew... now its me and the French ship of the line though I am trying to escape but...
 though I get one last shot in on the French battleship I turn to tightly and you guessed it I am in irons again!  With a French ship of the line on my rear quarter I try to strike but Rob is feeling blood thirsty and sinks me (barbarian).
Over all I liked the game it was reasonably realistic with out being too complex.  I am still not sure about the models they look a little too toy like for my taste.  The price point is higher than I would like (I believe the set goes for $75.) for 4 ships, and a full set of rules and tokens.  This is one of those I will wait and see if we play this regularly before I consider investing.