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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Longstreet Clear the Wood line

The winter storm lead to Luke's departure being delayed by a few days so we were able to get a second game which we did as a follow up making this a bit of a mini-campaign.
 General Lee had instructed Gen AB Carriere to hold  a wood line protecting the flank of the Army I started with 3 batteries, 2 Cavalry Regiments and the three Texas Regiments with my Alabama and Arkansas Regiments off table as a reserve.
  Luke and his Union Brigade with two units off board because he felt the deployment was too cramped.
 I had Cavalry on both flanks Hampton's Legion on the right is trying to seize the big hill not so much to hold it as to draw Luke in that direction but...
 He used at the double two turns in a row and his cavalry go their first then he place rocky ground between us...
 Leading to the first serious fire fight on the right.
 My new Napoleon is taking aim at New York Zouaves in the center.
 Luke its me hard on the Right shortly after this I pulled out and felled back.
 My other Cavalry sized the rail fence on the left I think this was the key move of the game.
 The Yankees close on my front and prepare to charge both in the center and on the left.
 I use the "stonewall" card to boost my defense and threw the Yankees with little trouble.
 The Yankee Marines and Pennsylvania  Zouaves were thrown back by the barest margin by my dismounted Cavalry.
 The 4th Texas gained a hero then under the influence of the Confusion card advanced into the open!
 Luke brought devastating fire to bare and scored 8 hits proving God might not be form Texas and driving the 4th Texas form the field. The Hampton Legion and the Texas Lancers also suffer heavy loses, especially the Hampton Legion
 Luke's reinforcements and my own are in a race ... I am pressing on the left and Luke is pressing the right...
 I trade space for time on the right helped by the old rivals card played on the 1st Michigan Cavalry for the 2nd time in two games (Luke really needs to work out his issues with this guy). Both Luke and I are nearing our shatter points I have to roll and pass I have one more shot...
 My reinforcements have come up and I charge modified by the Rebel Yell card.  Its all I could hope for I destroy the Marines, and the Pennsylvania Zouave the Large Massachusetts regiment that came up to replace the New York troops has also been driven back with significant casualties!  Its just enough Luke roll as six when checking passing his shatter point giving me the win by a whisker (I was only 6 casualties away from shatter point my self)
My right was being led by only 7 stands against 13 with a fresh regiment coming up in support so if Luke got one more turn I would probably have lost.