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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Longstreet at the Whiz

Luke and I got a chance to play Wednesday (New Years day) at the Whiz.  Our scenario was a Yankee raiding force under Luke had made a seaborne strike at plantations in the Carolinas. My Texas Brigade was convalescing in the area and along with some local help tried to send them running for the sea.
The Road side inn served as an objective and Luke had lots of men in the sunken road with artillery(2 Napoleons, 2 light rifles and 1 Heavy Rifle) behind his main position.
I started with an advance on the center hoping to pin the Marines (Eager Veterans) that were a reserve behind the main line here.
On the right flank Luke pulled  a dirty trick placing a swamp in my path!  I had planned on providing my infantry with close support but I am forced to swing wide.
Skirmish Fire starts! On my turn Luke play a card to prevent me from shooting so we charge instead!
The first fight goes to the Yankees in the center...
But I did better on the flank the Cavalry battle swirled back and forth several times bur generally was in my favor.
On the left my three Light Rifles are pounding the Yankees in the sunken road but with no effect.

A fire  fight rages in the woods!
Yankee cavalry is starting to show damage.
So are the forlorn survives of the Hampton Legion Infantry.
We charge across the right and center(two turns in a row) and
drive back the Yankees with many casualties.
Fire rips up and down both lines... then another charge (using fix bayonets...)
But Luke is a long way from finished he plays the Fresh Fish Card and my recruit units on the left fail to break through by the narrowest of margins.
The Fist Texas takes 8 hits the next turn in a withering cross fire!
Getting desperate as both of us are starting to run short on cards I launch another all out charge. I Break the unit in the sunken road and send the Marines tumbling back with heavy casualties.  
So it seems one does need a General on the battle field I have my fist Longstreet Victory.  Luke enjoyed the game.  He would have earned 4 epic points for his defense while I received 7 for driving of the Yankee Raiders.

I did the post battle process (mostly to see how it went but also with and eye to future games) the Hampton Legion infantry was devastated by sickness and was disband.  Both my recruits suffered as well though one was promoted to Veteran stats. I got the Rebel Cavaliers card so I get a new cavalry unit (oh hey I have one on the painting table!) and some new guns.  Also the 1st Texas gained Old Reliables Status.

Luke's Brigade got three  recruits units promoted to Veteran and some significant artillery reinforcements.