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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Longstreet Odds and Ends

Most of my Confederate "Army" for long street is complete but its not all done quite yet I have a few bits still to do.
Horse Holders are not necessary in Longstreet but some how dismounted cavalry just doesn't look right with out them.
I have another set of these on the work table.
 A few more heroes...
 one a Sargent
 The other an officer who looks very eager to get at the enemy alone if necessary.
Another extra command stand I think the officers red pants are  nice splash of color maybe he commanded a Zhuave company in the early days of the war.
 This flag is simply identified as "A Virginia Regiment" given that I don't have any Virginia in the Army right now I seemed like a good time to add a little of the Old Dominion to the force.
 This command stand carries the flag of the 6th Georgia  Since Longstreet Himself was form Georgia it seemed good to have a representative of that state in my army as well