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Monday, January 27, 2014

Texas Brigade snatches Victory from the jaws of defete

I met Nick on Sunday to introduce him to the game Longstreet. Rather than use a point build I started with the starting campaign armies and did the post battle process (assuming 3 casualties to each unit).  This gave me two very balanced forces. My assumption is both nick and I have step into brigade command in 1862 after our predecessors were promoted or removed. Nicks army was a little larger and all his men were Eager where as I had one unit of Seasoned.  Each of us had one veteran.
We  rolled up meeting engagement which is a good starter set.  We did not use the terrain cards but sort of placed bits until we both felt the board looked good (this is standard practice at the Whiz)
As you can see we each had a cramped deployment situation.  Nick had on regiment off board.
Forward Texas!
Nick found a good position early on and took it up a defensive stance.
Nick who is using and Artillery Officer opened up with his three Light Rifles...
the 1st Texas(upper right) was his favorite target. My artillery had to get in closer as I had a Howitzer with a range of only 18 inches.   I tried to suppress his battery to cover the 1st Texas but had no success.
I sent the 1st Texas against the guns while the 4th Texas covered their right flank the 5th Texas and 18th Georgia were on the left. My cavalry was trying to move to the left but got confused and basically never got into position.
I used Confusion to send the cavalry back but Nick Froze the 1st Texas with the Old Rivals card saving his guns for a turn and denying my Epic points for the charge
The 5th Texas did some damage but on his turn Nick sent them reeling back.
His charge on the Right was also successful driving back the 4th Texas.
As you can see the 1st Texas was more or less all alone!
I charged anyway destroying the guns but follow up charges were turned back by they Yankees. At this point I started back pedaling. I used "Pinkerton Intelligence" to freeze the attack that almost certainly would have broken my army.  I had lost 15 stands and Nick had lost 14 but he did not get a 5-6 two turn in a row.  The Second time I checked I did get a 6 and "won." Truth is this was a Union Victory snatched from nick by the high command losing it nerve.  Or so we play it assuming that a courier from McClellan ordered him to retreat in the face of "Overwhelming rebel numbers" just as victory was in his hands.

After the game we again did the post battle process both of us promoted several unit to Veteran.  Nick replaced part of his artillery losses. My army suffered a lot of camp fever and had several fall in Elan. I did get a new 6 stand Seasoned Veteran unit. I also got a light and a heavy Rifle which is one of the best confederate artillery cards.  I did not get much in the way of replacement so I have several 4 base infantry units.  Nick and I hope to do it again next month (or early March).