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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Musket and Tomahawk (2)

Adrian is still working on the exact scenario for Total Con event that he and Jon are putting one (with help from my self and Cortland).  So to learn the rules we did a scenario where Cortland was ordered to destroy a village and kill the civilians.  Technically I had civilians in my force as the French commander but the just hid in the oddly Gothic buildings.
 I had two more Native force that were using hidden movement intended for a flank movement.
 My natives got an early hit on the rangers.
 Red Coats close in on my natives, this was the space were I spent almost 20 minutes waiting while all the card draws went to Cortland.  I have concerns about how this will work in a con... some players might walk off out of boredom.
 We Engage Cortland wins the the first round then the cards all go my way...
 I hit them between two units win the first round then lose in the subsequent one..
 My native would rally and take out the regulars leaving Cortland with no option but to march into the cross fire.
 Many French regulars are hit but natives and French muskets kill many provincials forcing them to run..
They break for the woods and with draw with the rangers.  The game did not run as sooth as the last one but Adrian is our rules guru so that is not surprising. I don't think we feel ready for Totalcon but all in all I suspect we'll make it work. This was also my first trip to Battle Ground Games and Hobbies While they have little in the way of Historical games they did have a lot of X-wing, Warhammer and Mage-Knight and other games.