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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bar Keep make mine a double....

Barreled Buck shot! I found this fellow on the rack at Hobby Bunker and thought he would be fun project to add a little more local color to my Pinkerton Detective Gang of Gunfighters.
 I may redo the base but for the moment lets just assume he has stepped out side the bar to make sure a pair of cowboys he told to "take it out side" stay out side.
 The apron I feel has a particularly good look.  I'm not as happy with the bottle any one have tips for painting something to look like glass?
 This fellow looks capable of handling most situation and you would too if you had whiskey in one hand...
 and sawed off shot double barrel shot gun in the other.
What's that you want to complain about the service in my saloon?  I don't think so....