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Friday, January 10, 2014

1st Texas Lancers (AKA 21st Texas Cavalry)

The Civil war has lots of colorful army units so I decided my second cavalry force would be one of these. Apparently some one thought that arming cavalry as Lancers would be a good idea.  Well the French and English had them in the 19th century and so did other European nations.  Closer to home the Lancers of the Mexican army had a good reputation as hard fighting troops so I guess it was inevitable that someone would think this was a good idea.

It probably even makes sense that it would be in Texas that this idea would take hold. Which brings us to the 21st Texas Cavalry also know as the 1st Texas Lancers.  Now the Lancer idea didn't really work out  probably because the regiment was made up of volunteers most of whom were quite capable with guns and horse but had never used a sword much less a lance.  As a some time historic fencer and reenactor I can say that its much easier to learn the use of a gun then a sword.
Based on what I have read Confederate cavalry preferred pistols and shotguns to sword so its no surprise the lances got lost pretty quick still its a fun idea for the gaming table.  The two lance armed stands will almost certainly be my fist casualties.
 Not knowing the units actual colors I used a Texas state flag
Pistols are the best close range weapon for Civil War cavalry
 Lind up and ready.  Now the Texas Lancers never served out side the Trans-Mississippi but they fit my theme and add some extra dash.
 The man on the left has all he can do to hold the lance but the man on the right is trying to make up for it with both sword and pistol.
Another cavalry Hero figure should I get one to add even more color to a colorful unit.